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As a small business owner it is more important for you to focus on the core functions of your company. Let us save you valuable time by maintaining your books and Human Resources for you. Get back to the job of running your business and generating profits!
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HR Services
What is HR - Human Resources?  HR is the department responsible for personnel hiring, application tracking, skills development, benefits administration and compliance with associated government regulations. 
Policy Creation
Federal and State governments have issued rules that require every business of every size to have certain policies. K's Consulting can help you make sure that you have the correct policies and that they follow guidelines and language requirements.
Human Resource Solutions
K's Consulting can help you create your companies Policies and Procedures that comply with state and federal mandates and can be fully implemented into employment contracts and handbooks. We can assist your employees and staff in communicating in the appropriate manner to comply with these mandates as well.
New Hires
We can help you create an all inclusive post offer new hire package, to be sure that there is complete understanding and agreement for both parties. Putting it in writing makes both you and the employee more comfortable in expectations.
Employee Services
One of the most difficult parts of hiring is finding the right fit.

Ks Consulting will start with a federally compliant employment advertisement, a job description that exemplifies the position and complies with Federal and State laws, and a list of legally compliant interview questions.
HR Outsourcing
Outsourcing non-core business functions isn't a new idea. Outsourcing partners have the most current knowledge, experience, and better trained personnel because they focus on their specialty. As a result, the outsourcing partner offers better quality service than is possible with an in-house function, in most cases at a much lower cost.

The premier emerging area for outsourcing is the Human Resources function. As companies concentrate their internal resources on their core business, they look outward for expertise. Outsourcing the Human Resources function makes good business sense. K's Consulting provides a full service HR Outsourcing Solution for small companies.
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